We are grateful for your interest in supporting young people from vulnerable groups at this formative and developmental stage in their lives.

Volunteer activities meet the needs of the young people we work with from all over the country.

The volunteering directions we propose are:

1. MENTORING = mentoring young people at the beginning of their careers through short talks about the professional field in which you have experience. Young people are inspired and motivated by personal experiences, stories and life advice.

2. TUTORING = you offer tutoring in subjects young people need support in. In addition, moral support will help them enormously to complete their studies and gain confidence in their own strengths.

3. TRAINING = facilitate workshops on various topics, from personal and professional development to hobbies and recreational activities. You will help develop young people’s skills and passions, giving them a better start in adult life.

4. Charity or sporting events

Who are we? For 8 years, we have been supporting young people from vulnerable backgrounds to continue their education, integrate into society, find employment or housing.
Most institutionalised young people, who leave the foster system at the age of 18, are marginalised in society and end up on the streets or become victims of human or drug trafficking.
How can you get involved? Our impact in society is made possible in large part by the community of partners and supporters that we have built and continue to build around us.

Please leave us some information about how you would like to support young people from vulnerable groups.
Once completed, we will contact you soon for more information!

Thank you! 🙂
The Social Incubator Team


    Volunteer directions in which you want to get involved

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