An Independent and Dignified Future
for Disadvantaged Youths

Supporting the social and professional integration of
disadvantaged youths in Romania


The Social Incubator

Who We Are

A non-profit organization set up by a group of professionals and friends who wished to create a platform for initiatives with a significant social impact in the lives of disadvantaged individuals.

What We Do

We support the social and professional integration of disadvantaged youths by developing and implementing a range of personalized services and innovative entrepreneurial solutions.

How You Can Help

Our social impact is possible, in large part, due to the network of partners and supporters we have built – and are continuing to build – around us.

What The Youths Say

No one can better describe what we do at The Social Incubator than the very youths we exist for. And, because our words are redundant, we invite you to listen to theirs.

The Counter Of

Good Deeds

Youths Trained

Youths Counseled

Youths Employed

Updated: June 2018


Learn more about the programs and projects through which we manage to encourage youths to become truly independent and dignified.


“Four years ago, we have taken on the mission to support disadvantaged youths across Romania in the process of social and professional integration. Through personalized programs, we have helped hundreds of youths to discover their potential, their passions, and we have given them tools with which to build a better future. We wish to thank our partners, whose support has made our successes possible, and we invite you to join this undertaking with a significant impact on the lives of vulnerable youths.”

Ionut Pascu, President, The Social Incubator