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Direct 2% of Income Tax

Free fiscal facility for individuals

Direct 20% of Profit Tax

Free fiscal facility for companies

Become Our Strategic Partner

We strongly believe that real social change is much more tangible when the NGO and Business worlds work together, building solid, long-term partnerships. We can help you consolidate your CSR Strategy by adding the social and professional integration of disadvantaged youths in Romania as a main direction of social involvement for your company.

Donate Your Birthday

On your Birthday, invite your friends to do good by donating the value of a gift to The Social Incubator and the integration of disadvantaged youths in Romania.

Become a Volunteer

If you wish to directly contribute to changing the lives of disadvantaged youths in Romania, we happily invite you to join us as a volunteer! Together we will find the best way for you to become involved.

Join Our Team

We are a joyful, dynamic, and professional team that, for over 4 years, has been transforming the lives of some of the most vulnerable youths in Romania, giving them the chance to an independent and dignified future. In order to be able to increase our impact within the community, we are always looking for new colleagues to complement us and resonate with our mission, just like we do. And it’s very possible one of them is you!